Should I bother applying to UPENN?

My parents really want me to apply to UPENN, but I don't think I'm qualified and I would rather not waste my time on a pointless application. My SAT score is a 2000, and my weighted GPA is around a 3.9 as of this year. I feel like applying would just mean throwing away my money. Is it at all worth it to give this a shot?

It really depends on how much stress this additional application will add to your life (financially and mentally). It's true that your SAT score is below average for UPENN (average is 2163), but if you don't have more than one other reach school and the application fee isn't a big issue, you should consider applying. Overall, I'd say it's good to have at least one or two schools that are a little out of your range but are still within the realm of possibility.