Should I file a complaint if my proctor made a timing mistake?

I was taking the general SAT today, the one with all 4 sections and the essay. The proctor for my test made an error with the time, which actually messed me up a bit. She was recording the time off of her personal watch or cell phone, but the clock in our room that I used to check the time during the test was actually 7 minutes too early. We were never told this beforehand. At the end of the writing section, she suddenly said that we have 5 minutes left. I was really confused and worried because the clock said we had around 10 minutes left. Because I was going off the clock that I assumed she was going off of as well, I was not able to budget my time correctly and I don't think I answered like the last 5 or 6 questions for the Writing section.

I'm honestly kind of frustrated because I really wanted to get a good score but the last thing I need is the proctor out of all people to mess me up. Is this worth filing a complaint over? If so, what is the process for reporting the error to the College Board?

While these are annoying and unfortunate circumstances, I don't think they merit a complaint to the College Board. Based on what you've written, the proctor didn't actually give you less time than you were supposed to have for the section. Technically, the test was administered correctly. I would suggest bringing your own watch to time yourself the next time you take the SAT so you can prevent these types of issues. If you still would like to contact the College Board directly and mention this issue to them, you can send an email to