Should I redo the SAT as a transfer student?

I’m planning on applying as a transfer to MIT and Harvard for next year. During high school, I got a score of 1440, which is not between the 25th-75th percentile of those schools (this was when covid first hit and no one could get a test spot lol). If I were to go into those schools, I would be transferring into my junior year of college so I’m not sure how much it would matter. For context: I have a strong college GPA, I go to a prestigious undergraduate university (well connected with both schools), strong reasons to transfer, will be taking a course at MIT, conducted research and will be publishing at/with Harvard Med School, + other extracurriculars during my first year of college. I don’t know if I should retake it because the transfer acceptance rates are so slim but at the same time…I would rather live my best life and continue publishing my papers + doing well in my classes.

Hi Jen,

For most transfer students (especially those who’ve completed at least a year of college), the colleges you’re applying to aren’t terribly interested in SAT/ACT scores anymore–it’s your college course grades that now matter the most. If those are strong, I’d say you’re fine not retaking the SAT. It sounds like you’re already on the right track!

Hope this helps!


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