Should I retake my AP Human Geography exam?

Hi, I want to be competitive for top colleges, but I feel like I will retake my AP exams for those. These were from my 9th grade, and I'm going to 10th. In AP Bio, I got a 3, and in AP Human Geo, I got a 4. I'm not satisfied with either-- Bio is one of my interests and perhaps future major, and a 3 is a letdown. I am definitely retaking that one. However, how about AP Human? I didn't study for that class as much since I was so focused on AP Biology. If I retake it, there wouldn't be any harm since if I score less than or equal to a 4, I can drop that one, and if I get a 5, I drop the earlier exam. I think it's possible given I study just a bit more. I intend to make both of those exams to be a 5.

Thank you!

Considering the fact that you already have a 4, which will qualify you for credit at many colleges, I don't think it's necessary to retake AP Human Geography. No school will reject your application based on that one score, especially because you took the test your freshman year, and it's not a subject that you plan to study in college. Stick to just retaking AP Biology, and focus on doing well in other high level classes going forward.

Thanks, Sam-- but I feel like it's a waste since I had not studied properly and managed a 4, so if I had studied a bit more seriously I could have gotten a 5. Is retaking 1 or 2 APs going to look super bad? How about if I study my APs + Bio until early March-April, and add AP Human Geo into the mix after? There won't be any harm since if I score the same, I cancel that one, and if I score higher, I'll go with that-- but if it will harm my application, I won't do it at all... Thank you!