Should I send the SAT? And I need help

I need help. So I am taking the SAT in a few days. And I know I will do bad because I scored an 1100 on 2 practice tests (The ones from College board)
And I am applying to Cornell School Of Engineering.
Which is a tough school to get into.
But I read on the school website that it is going test optional for 2021 and 2022 admission cycles (Im applying in 2022)
Will there be any harm done in me not sending my standardized test scores?
I should tell you I took AP US Gov in 10th grade and scored a 5. Definitely sending that and I am a straight A student with what I think are good extracurricular since they are all centered to engineering. I took 4 AP classes in total and my GPA is a 3.8 unweighted.

If your SAT score will not help your application (and an 1100 does seem low for the Cornell School of Engineering), and the school is test optional, you probably should not submit it. Prior to Covid-19-related test optional policies, a study of test optional policies from 2018 found that “non-Submitters were often admitted at lower rates than Submitters”. As a result, it may sometimes be beneficial to submit test scores even to a test-optional school.