Should I send this SAT subject test score?

I'm debating whether or not I should send my SAT Math I subject test score of 760. I got a 750 on Math section of the SAT I and a 780 on the Math 2 Subject Test. I figured I'd take it since I was taking the physics that day anyway. Is the Math 1 worth sending or should I just send the Math 2? I'm looking at schools like UC Berkeley, Duke, UVA, and Stanford.

My advice would be to just send your Math 2 score if you don't need Math 1 to fulfill overall subject testing requirements. Your Math 1 score is high enough that it won't negatively affect your application, but it also won't add anything to your profile as an applicant. It's unnecessary to send Math 1 if you already have a higher Math 2 score under your belt.