Should I take the SAT and the ACT senior fall?

Hi - I'm looking to prep for both SAT and ACT this summer and take both tests in the fall. It looks like the ACT test date is one month before the SAT test date. Is it a good idea to prep for both this summer?

Previous SAT score: 1750
Previous ACT score: 28

Thanks - Rising Senior C/O 2017

Based on the scores you list here, I would advise you to focus exclusively on the ACT from this point forward. There's no need to retake both tests because you only need to send one of your scores to colleges. Your 28 ACT score corresponds to a score of 1850 on the old SAT, which means you're currently performing better on the ACT than on the SAT. Since scores from both tests are considered equally, it makes more sense for you to devote all of your studying and test-taking energies to the test that is easier for you.