Should I take the SAT II's in May, June, or both?

I signed up for the SAT II's in June but I was wondering if I should reschedule for May. May will be in between AP exams so the studying for all my exams will carry over to the SAT II's. If I take it in June, though, I don't have the exam stress.

So, take it in June, May, or both?

Additional and possibly helpful data:

I'm taking Literature and Math 2 and on the practice tests I got:

• 800 in Math 2
• 760 in Literature
• 710 in Bio
• below 700 in physics

The AP Exams I'm taking are:
• Spanish
• Bio
• Calc BC
• Lang

Given the subject tests you're taking, I would recommend sticking with the June date for your SAT Subject Tests. It can sometimes be advantageous to take the SAT Subject Test right after/around when you're taking the AP in that same area, because the knowledge is still fresh - I did this myself when I took the US History Subject Test. However, because you're taking Literature and Math 2 after taking AP Language and BC Calculus, I don't think that moving your test date up to May would give you an advantage. In fact, keeping your SAT Subject Tests in June will give you time to study the material on these two subject tests without having to worry about AP exams.