Should I Write About An Extra-curricular I have Only Done For About 1 Year?

Hi Prepscholar, so as you know I am majoring in US Gov in order to get a bachelors right before I can attend Law School. I have done Youth and Government (An amazing extracurricular from the YMCA) for junior and parts of senior year (current)The only thing I am concerned about is as I was reading your articles about how to write extracurriculars on a college application, it talked about how colleges love to see students put in effort in extracurriculars for a very long time and in -depth participation Ex. participating in a club for 4 years of high school. ’
My question is I have been an ACTIVE participant and demonstrated lots of LEADERSHIP in Youth and Government in 11th and 12th grade but since I have NOT done it in freshman and sophomore year, will colleges question why I did not do it for most of my High school years? Why I only did for about half of my HS career?

We have a detailed blog post about how to write about extracurriculars on your college application. If your participation in Youth and Government fits with your application, you can follow the instructions at that post for how to present it to colleges. It is unclear how they will view two years of participation versus four, but you can position it in the best light possible.