Starting clubs in High School

Hello! I’m planning on starting a student-to-student mentorship club. I’m in eleventh and I’m mainly targeting younger high-school students. I have a teacher interested in advising and I’m in the process of planning. I have a few questions before I start!
1: If meeting with people outside of school won’t work for me-due to family circumstances-could I have a mentor lunch table where the kids can sit during lunch and talk, have meetings during intervention periods, or just have a lax operation where me and the mentee personally pick a time for each person
2: How often do you think we should meet. I’m planning on focusing on college-prep and self-improvisation.
3: Do you have any other tips for me? Thanks so much!!

A student-to-student mentorship club sounds like a great idea! The details of when/how/how often to meet are probably best determined by conversations with your advisor, prospective mentors, and prospective mentees. Finding times that are convenient for as many interested people as possible is one of the important logistical challenges of a new club; it may be easier to find mutually convenient times by talking with interested students rather than setting them in advance.