Strong Extracurriculars and Academics but Bad SAT Scores

I'm really worried about my admission chances into the top tier universities like Harvard Yale and specifically, MIT. MIT has been my dream school since Grade 9.

I messed up my SAT (1430). However I do have perfect scores in Chemistry and Math Level 2 SAT 2. Notably, I was finalist of ISEF at the mere age of 13. Since then I have done a research project for the last four years and have won national and provincial awards. I was also selected for The Junior Academy STEM program and am working on a research project with them.

To what extent are my chances hindered? I have 4A's in my AS Level exams and straight As in 10 O Levels.

If you made it to an intel finalist, then you have a good enough spike to overcome your SAT relative weakness (compared to the median at those schools).

However, why not take the SAT again, and prep well for it this time? It won't cost you much time. You're doing spectacularly in the part of the college app that is hard and time consuming, why not improve the SAT which could take just 40 hours.