Switch SAT 1 and SAT 2 Dates?

I was planning to take the regular SAT first and SAT Subject Tests later, but now I want to take SAT Subject Tests first instead. Is there any way to switch the dates for the two different types of tests?

Yes, you can change the type of test you’re taking on each date for a fee. You must do this approximately 14 days before the test date (your Admission Ticket will give you an exact deadline for changes). Changes can be made through your online account or by calling College Board Customer Service. It’s a $28 fee to change the type of test you’re taking. If you’re changing the test type for two different dates, you’ll have to pay $56 total. Make sure that you print out an updated admission ticket after you make changes to the type of test you’re taking on each date.

See this page for more information: https://sat.collegeboard.org/register/registration-changes