Take SAT Subject Tests Before APs Senior Year?

I’m planning on taking AP Biology and AP Physics as a senior in high school. Naturally, this means that my AP scores in these subjects won’t be available in time for college applications. Should I take the SAT Subject Tests in Biology and Physics in December of my senior year so that standardized test scores in these subjects will be included in my applications?

I would advise you not to take Subject Tests midway through your senior year. You will have learned only half of the curriculum in Biology and Physics, and you will also be dealing with the stress of submitting college applications. If you need to take Subject Tests, you should take them at the end of your sophomore or junior year (consider the Chemistry and Math 2 subject tests if you’re a science-oriented student). If you earn high grades in AP Biology and Physics, your application won’t suffer from a lack of standardized test scores in those specific subjects.