The ACT sent a cancelled score. What can I do?

I decided to cancel sending a score report to UMich (my first choice school) for fear of having them see a poor ACT score. I did this prior to their 12:00 pm CST deadline on the day of. I was glad I did so, because when I received my scores they were much lower than my best test.

I checked Wolverine access today to make sure all of my materials were in. Everything was submitted along with an extra piece: my October scores. If I call ACT and explain the situation, can they request UMich delete a sent score from my file because they made a mistake?

As I understand it, scores are my personal property and I can do with them whatever I please (this is what allows individuals to write to ACT and have test scores deleted entirely) and this could be considered unauthorized use or sharing of my property/information.

Would ACT legally be obliged to request a score deletion directed to UMich? Any information will help as I am now even more nervous about my admissions decision. I cannot allow this mistake on the part of ACT to influence my admissions decision.

Based on a conversation I had with a live ACT agent: no, they cannot request that schools delete sent scores; once the scores have been sent, they've been sent, and ACT, Inc. has no way to take the scores back.

On the other hand, based on a conversation I had with a live UMich admissions person, University of Michigan will not penalize students based on ACT scores; if your first set of scores were higher, the admissions office will consider those over the second, lower set of scores. I would recommend calling the admissions office at University of Michigan and explaining the situation yourself if you are worried, but it looks like this mistake on the part of ACT, Inc. should NOT influence your admissions decision.