This is related to Allen's article about college admissions

This is really long so bear with me. It might be sort of hard to understand (sorry!).

I am a 9th grader and I already have a counselor for college applications (something called ivymax). They basically told me the opposite of what’s in here. I think they have past successes- but they only select the best kids (there’s an application process). They told me to be well rounded and proceeded to give me 2 time-wasting AP classes that took away from my main extracurricular: mathematics. We already paid a lot for the counseling and AP classes. Should I pull out, switch programs, keep it, or try to do this by myself? What do you take on this?

Ok, another question. So I am currently doing a lot of stuff right now including:
Latin studying (for national latin exams, national convention), chapter lead of a non-profit, 2 AP courses, 3 AOPS math courses, tennis practice, piano practice, and some others. I know I should get rid of tennis and the AP courses, but what else should I get rid of? My main passions are math/science and entrepreneurship. Also, our school has an incredible latin program and it’s pretty easy to get prizes-but latin takes up 1 hour a day.

What do you think my spike should be? I want to make a business relating to tech/sciences and then from that pull a “bill gates foundation” and do good. I probably need math, science, and entrepreneurship for this goal. But that seems like too much to be a spike.

I probably have more questions so I will probably comment on this later to ask even more questiosns.

Unfortunately, this is far too specific and involved to be able to work out in a forum thread. It may make sense for you to talk with one of our Academic Advisors about our Admissions Counseling services, to see if that would make sense for you. I do not know how this will compare to your existing program, as I am not familiar with IvyMax. We offer a Mentorship Package for 9th and 10th grade students that would help you plan your course schedules and extracurriculars, and begin thinking about positioning yourself in the college application process. If you would like to have a free consultation with one of our academic advisors, you can fill out the form at PrepScholar Admissions Consulting Services and select the “Mentorship” package as the program.

Our admissions consultants are all very experienced helping students with the types of issues you raised in your post, and would be a much better resource than me for working through them (if you do decide to go with our Mentorship package).