Time management on ACT Science?

How much time should I spend on each passage in ACT Science? Should I plan to spend different amounts of time on different types of passages? I'm having trouble pacing myself appropriately - I always end up missing like 3 or 4 questions at the end.

The ACT Science section includes 7 passages in total (if we count the conflicting viewpoints passages as a single unit). Since the section is 35 minutes long, divided evenly this gives you 5 minutes per passage. Typically, however, conflicting viewpoints takes longer than the other 6 passages.

For this reason, I would recommend setting a four minute time limit on each of the first 6 passages and saving conflicting viewpoints for last. This way, you'll have 11 minutes left over to do the conflicting viewpoints section and check over your answers. You may decide to change or refine this strategy based on which parts of the section you find most challenging.