Transferring to Yale

Hello, I'm a sophomore in high school right now and I know for sure that I won't get into my dream school: Yale university. So I am going to try and transfer to Yale during college. I was wondering, should I go rob community college or a four year college and how do I transfer to Yale? How do I go about doing that and what kinds of things can look good on my application when that time comes? What things should I do, I know in high school EC's, grades, volunteer work etc. are all important, do I do those exact same things in college too? What could I do to increase my chances? Are there any success transfer stories I can looks at ? So many questions I have

Hi, I saw your posting and I just wanted to ask you how is your college status right now. I have a son that is starting high school this coming year and he really wish to go to an Ivy League school. Did you decided to go to college or a 4 year school? Have you applied to Yale? Looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you