What are some must know grammar rules for the NEW SAT?

Hi guys, I've been looking all over the web for a list of must-know grammar rules for the NEW SAT. Unfortunately most of the ones I found were catered towards the old SAT. If anyone can provide some links or book references, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Here's an article that goes through all the major grammar rules you'll need to know on the new SAT. The new test isn't that different, although there is slightly more focus on style than on detecting minute grammar errors. Since everything is passage-based, some questions will ask you to decide whether a given sentence should be inserted into the passage or whether the language used in a sentence makes sense stylistically based on the overall tone of the passage. You'll still need to know a lot of the same grammar rules, including faulty modifiers, parallel construction, independent vs dependent clauses, plurals and possessives, pronoun agreement, correct verb forms, illogical comparisons, and several more that you can read about in the article.

If you want a good review book for new SAT grammar rules, I would recommend The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar 3rd Edition by Erica Meltzer. It's updated for the new test and has a lot of great content. If you want more practice questions, you can also get its companion review book, the SAT Grammar Workbook.