What are the best math extracurriculars sites for high school students?

I used to hate math, but now that i'm in high school, i love it! Im doing math in my free time instead of games! Are there any extra curricular math sites (NO GAMES) that i can use for my free time? i cant find any.

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If you want to develop your interest in math to one that will get you into lots of great colleges, consider questions related to the AMC (American Math Competition) if you're based in the US. (Other countries: look for contests that are "feeders" to the International Math Olympiad).

  1. http://www.maa.org/math-competitions
  2. https://artofproblemsolving.com/wiki/index.php?title=AMC_12_Problems_and_Solutions

For general math questions for academic interest and fun, I strongly recommend the Art of Problem Solving. They were just a textbook when I was in high school in 2001, but now they have a wonderful website.