What can I do about not receiving extended time on day of test even though my ticket said I get ext. time?

My student took the ACT at her high school. She showed them her ticket (which clearly states extended time), and they sent her to a designated room. It was only when the test started that she realized the proctor was reading off regular times for the English test. She informed the proctor who said that they had sent her to the wrong room, but the principal refused to help fix the problem. Please help. She is a Senior and needs to do early enrollment for scholarships. This test does not represent her ability as the 504 was for anxiety and ADHD. ACT offered a free October test, but that doesn’t help her considering she has spent the last few months in private tutoring with me preparing for this test (based on extended time). It happened to 11 other students that same day but the school is refusing to help.

I am unsure of what can be done in this case other than retesting. It sounds like it was the school’s mistake, not ACT’s, and there is no way to “adjust” her score to account for the timing difference. ACT does offer a helpful option if your student retests (according to their website):

When you select score recipients, you’ll have the option of sending either score reports from the specific test event or you can choose to send your superscore.

As a result, she does not need to send a score that does not reflect her abilities (and would probably not improve her superscore). She can send only the score from the retest.