What chance do I stand at getting into these schools?


I'm Ahmed from Tunisia and I'm currently in 11th grade. My goal is to get into a really good engineering school in the US, so my main targets are Columbia, MIT, Cornell and others.

  • I'm an IB student with 4 HL and 2 SL classes. I've also taken AP classes before, with two fives on both tests I've taken (Chem and Psych)

  • My 11th grade unweighted GPA is a 3.85, but my cumulative is a bit higher (3.95 or so). I currently have all As in 11th except for a B in history in the first semester of 11th.

  • I have pretty good extracurriculars. SGA rep, NHS member starting 12th (I wasn't allowed in before because I kept switching schools). I also co-founded my first high school's student council, as well as the Computer Science club. I've done a couple of science fairs (ISEF, and another one in Qatar called ISC). I'm also debate team captain and twice national champion. I've also done a few other things like volunteering all around and being a member of other clubs like drama.

  • My SAT right now is not that impressive. My 10th grade score was 2120 and I'm retaking this may. On my practice I've gotten 1510. Pretty high in Math (780) as well as writing, but I always miss a ton of reading questions (about 7-9 every time)

What do my chances look like for the Ivys and the like? I'm applying to really high caliber schools mainly because of the favorable financial aid offerings for international students, since my background doesn't allow me to easily finance an education in the US. Any potential advice on what I should be working on?