What do top colleges think of merit-based awards?

I'm an international student from an European country, Bulgaria. I've won a few national literature awards. In Bulgaria they are equivalent to "4th place awards", "merit-based awards" or "consolation prize". I had a couple of short stories published, I've written 7 high fantasy novels, I had my debut novel published and now I'm having the second one. Is this a good achievement for someone aiming at top colleges?

Also, I've won four scholarships - all merit-based, one on a national level, two on a municipal level and the last one on a school level. Should I write them down in my application? What would top colleges think of them?

Those all sound like very impressive achievements. Top colleges will definitely be interested in a student who has become a successful writer while still in high school. As for the scholarships, it can't hurt to include them in your application. You should absolutely include the scholarship you won on a national level. If you feel that some of the smaller ones don't add anything to your qualifications, then you can leave them out, but I can't give you more specific advice without knowing the exact nature of the scholarships.