What will happen if I was falsely accused of cheating on an AP test?

I have been falsely accused of cheating on one AP exam. The proctor reported the misconduct to the CB. However, he allowed me to finish that AP test and my remaining AP tests. What will be the consequences? Will my AP score get cancelled on the AP exam in which I was falsely accused of misconduct? Will it affect my other AP scores that I took in previous years and on different days of the same year? I am very worried and need help.

Here are the rules about engaging in misconduct that are listed on the College Board's AP website:

"You are also agreeing not to engage in misconduct during the AP Exam, this includes:

Obtaining improper access to the exam, or a part of the exam, or information about the exam
Removing a page or pages from the exam book
Leaving the testing room without permission
Copying from another student's work or a published work
Attempting to take the exam for someone else
Creating a disturbance

If found doing these, or any of the examples of misconduct listed in the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents, you may be asked to turn in your exam materials and leave the exam room. You may not return to the exam room, and your score will not be reported."

You're in an interesting situation because you weren't actually asked to leave the testing room and were allowed to finish both this test and the other AP tests you planned on taking this year. As far as I can tell, the only score that may be impacted by these accusations is the score for the actual test where you supposedly cheated. Your past scores and scores from other tests this year will not be cancelled under any circumstances (unless evidence of further cheating was found, which almost certainly won't happen if the accusations are false).

Whether or not your score will be cancelled for the test where you were accused of cheating depends on what the College Board finds in their investigation of the matter and what you can provide as proof that you weren't cheating. It's hard to give more specific advice because I don't know exactly what the accusations are. If the proctor thought you were looking at someone else's test, the College Board will look at your answers and see if there are any suspicious similarities between your test and the tests of other students around you. If they come up empty-handed, they will probably dismiss the claim, and your scores will be fine. If you were accused of cheating in some other way, you should get in contact with the College Board and ask them what proof you can send them to demonstrate that this was a misunderstanding.

In any case, you should work on finding a way to tell the College Board your side of the story as soon as possible. I'd also recommend speaking with your guidance counselor to ask his or her advice on the matter and see what you can do to clear your name. There may have been other students in the past who have faced this issue and were able to refute the accusations.