When are International SAT/ACT scores released?

I read sometimes it takes longer for international students in countries like korea or China to get their scores back. Is that true?

In general, international SAT scores are released on the same day as everyone else's SAT scores - between 5 and 7 weeks after your test date (depending on when you take the test). ACT (without Writing) scores are usually released in batches, starting about 9-10 days after your test date (although with the changes to the ACT Writing section, scoring has been taking a little bit longer).

For test centers in some countries, however, score release may be delayed. In countries where there have been cheating scandals (which includes China and South Korea), the College Board or ACT, Inc. may take longer to grade the tests and release scores to ensure that there have been no testing irregularities. This can vary testing center by testing center as well.

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