When do ACT scores come out?

What's the typical time for getting scores after you've taken the ACT? Do they usually come out within 3-4 weeks and before the deadline to register for the next ACT?

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It depends on whether or not you took the ACT without Writing or the ACT with Writing. For the ACT without Writing, multiple choice scores generally come out two Tuesdays after your test date (although it can take up to a week longer). Because of this, you'll get your score back before the deadline to register for the next ACT and potentially avoid taken the ACT again unnecessarily.

It's a little trickier for ACT with Writing. In theory, your essay score comes out two weeks after your multiple choice score. However, with the change in the ACT essay this past September, many students found that they didn't have their scores, even after 8 weeks.

I'm sure this will continue to change as ACT, Inc.'s essay graders get more comfortable with the new essay; for now, however, I think it's safe to say that you can get your multiple scores before the deadline for the next ACT registration, but you probably won't get your Writing score before the next deadline. And if you're reporting your scores to colleges, ACT, Inc won't send your multiple choice scores until your Writing score is also ready.

Therefore, if you're trying to figure out how late you can take the ACT and still be able to report the scores from that test to colleges, I'd advise erring on the side of sooner rather than later (especially if you want the chance to see your scores before they get sent out).

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