When is food, water, and bathroom allowed on the New SAT?

I know that the SAT is supposed to have one or more breaks, and during these breaks (and perhaps even outside of them?) I'm allowed to get water, eat brought snacks, and use the restroom.

How many breaks does the New SAT have? When are they exactly (relative to each section). May I do food/water/bathroom during every break? Even outside of breaks?

I'm taking the SAT tomorrow and really need to know. Please help!

The New SAT has one 10 minute break after the Reading section and one 5 minute break after the Math (No Calculator) section (with an additional 2 minute break after the Math - Calculator section if you're taking the optional essay).

Snacks and drinks may be consumed during every break as long as they are consumed outside of the testing room. Similarly, you can go to the bathroom during breaks - but only during breaks.

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