Which of these ACT scores should I send?

I'm wondering which one of my ACT scores is better. I got a 31 composite both times and was gunning for at least a 32, so I'm kinda bummed out.

ACT #1
Composite: 31

English: 33
Math: 29
Reading: 34
Science: 27
Writing: 9 (comb. E and W: 31)

ACT #2
Composite: 31

English: 34
Math: 33
Reading: 30
Science: 27
Writing: 11 (comb. E and W: 34)

Which of these scores should I send to colleges? Some schools already have my first score, so is it worth sending in my second as well even if they don't superscore?

Most colleges will only consider your composite ACT scores and not be too concerned with your subsection scores. I don't think it's worth it to send the second score to schools that already have your first score unless they superscore the test. However, I do think that you should send the second score to colleges that haven't received any scores from you yet. The difference is very small, but you did get a higher Writing score on the second test, and you dramatically improved your Math score. If you're planning on majoring in a math or science oriented subject, schools may be interested in your performance on the Math section specifically.