Which SAT Subject Tests should I take?

I'm a junior who just realized that I need SAT subject tests for some of the colleges I want to apply to. Most of them recommend or require at least 2 (except for Georgetown with 3). Based on what little knowledge I have, most people choose to take Math 2 and a science or history. My plan is to take 3 on the same day. Is this feasible?

US History- taking APUSH right now, really good at this subject

English Literature- taking AP Lang, seems pretty straightforward

Biology- taking AP Bio and thought that I should take some sciencey/mathy thing

Is this an okay plan? I've looked up most of the requirements for colleges I like and they don't seem to require any specific tests, so I was hoping this would be okay. Also, is either Bio E or Bio M an easier or better test to take?

Any other advice would be great!

It's usually better to limit yourself to two subject tests in one day so you stand the best chance of earning a high score in each individual subject. Your plan for which tests to take sounds fine, but if possible you should take the US History and English Lit tests on one date and the Biology test on another date. It will make it easier to spread out your prep this way. Double check the requirements for the colleges that interest you and make sure they don't ask for any specific tests before you officially register!

As for whether you should take Biology E or M, it depends on which aspects of biology are more your speed. Since you're a strong student in the humanities, my snap judgment is that you should take Biology E. It's more focused on large-scale energy flow in ecosystems and changes in the environment over time. This is in contrast to Biology M’s focus on the minuscule chemical elements of biology. If you're less of a science person overall, Biology E is a better choice. Keep in mind that only 25 percent of questions are specific to each version of the test, so I wouldn't stress too much over your decision.

Finally, you should also put some thought into which strengths you want to highlight for colleges. If there are any other subject tests that fit better with your specific academic ambitions, you should think about taking those instead so you can showcase your skills and reinforce the cohesiveness of your application.


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