Will an EdX AP course be enough to prepare for an AP exam?

Hi again… So I wanted to take the AP English Language and Composition exam because I have n interest for it and I am going into law.

However, as I said before my school does not offer AP courses.
So can an edX course be enough to study for the AP English Lang exam?
Or would I need more prepping materials?
By the way, the exam is taught by the following organization(s):
Tennessee Board of Regents on edX website

I believe you are referring to this course offered by the Tennessee Board of Regents. I am not familiar with the edX course, specifically. You can supplement that course by practicing on the past free response questions available from the College Board website, and reviewing the materials at Fiveable.

You may want to ask your English teacher (or past English teachers) to see if they would be able to help you study for the exam. The edX course is an archived, self-paced, course, and you may need a live person to answer questions, review your practice materials, and help you study.

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