Will colleges consider SAT 1 scores taken after applying?

Hi, I am an international student who is planning to apply to some top schools in the U.S. (Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Northwestern, Georgetown). I have a GPA of 3.91 (unweighted) very strong extracurriculars, SAT 2 Physics 780 and Chemistry 800. Unfortunately I have an SAT 1 of 1350 (without essay) which is very low for the universities I am applying to. I am applying on December 15 and retaking the SAT 1 on January 21 (aiming for 1500 above with essay). Will these universities be able to see my SAT score or will it be too late for them to consider or even look at it?

There is no universal policy when it comes to tests submitted after deadline application dates. Of the schools you've listed, only Northwestern cuts students off at the December test date; Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Brown, and Georgetown all allow students to submit tests from the January SAT date (although Princeton urges international applicants to take tests by December if possible). However, none of these schools state what their policies are if students have already submitted SAT scores with their application, take the January SAT, and then want to add that to their records.

My advice would be to contact the admissions offices of each individual school and ask if there needs to be a special notation that you're sending scores from the January SAT and to consider those scores as well (particularly for schools that don't require all scores sent and so may come to a decision based on the SAT score you send in with your application unless you tell them otherwise).