Will I be able to get a 1600?

Hi, I'm a rising junior and I'm desperate for your opinion!!! I took the redesigned PSAT in March and I got 620/740/1360 (verbal/math/total) without any preparation except one official PSAT practice test. Then, I studied 3 hours per week for 2 months and scored 630/790/1420/18 (verbal/math/total/essay) on the June SAT. Right after that, I went to an SAT cram school for a month. A week ago, I took a practice test from "Ivy Global" and scored 710/780/1490.

Now I'm on my own and I plan to take the October SAT, which will be my last one. Looking at my past score improvements, would anyone be able to guess whether or not I will be able to get a perfect 1600? Or at least a 1580? I will devote 180+ hours to improve my score until then. Thank you in advance for reading this and hopefully commenting :)

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Based on the results of your latest practice test, you have a good chance of getting a perfect or near-perfect score on the SAT in October. Think about it this way: you improved by 70 points from the June SAT to the practice test you took a little over a month later. I know you went to a cram school in the interim, but that's still a huge improvement when you're in such a high score range. You now have two months left before the October SAT with a goal of improving by 100 points or so. This is totally doable considering the timeline of your past improvements and your apparent dedication to preparing for the test.

Actually, I'd advise you to back off the studying quite a bit considering the fact that you're not even in your junior year and you're so close to a perfect score already. I just looked at a calendar, and if you plan to spend 180+ hours studying for the SAT until you take it again in October, that's an average of 18 hours a week! Cut it down to no more than five hours a week - there's no reason to push yourself that hard.

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