Will submitting an application earlier improve my chances?

I'm planning to apply Early Action to a couple of colleges. Will submitting my application before the actual deadline (November 1st) give me an advantage over other students?

No, all Early Action applicants are reviewed equally regardless of submission timing (as long as it's by the deadline, of course). You can send everything in on September 15th or November 1st. It will make no difference in how admissions officers view your application.

The one difference is that you might be contacted sooner for an interview. If you know the college conducts interviews, and you want to get yours over with as quickly as possible, you should consider applying before the deadline. The same idea goes for the application as a whole. For your own peace of mind, it could be a smart idea to send everything in during the month of September before your senior year workload gets too intense. Again, however, I want to emphasize that this is just about your preferences - there is no actual advantage given to students who apply earlier.

The only exception is schools that have "rolling admissions", meaning they review applications as they come in, not all at once after the deadline. If you submit your application too late to these schools, you risk being turned away from a class that's already full. You'd probably already know if this were the case at your college, but just in case here's a list of colleges that use rolling admissions.