Will the October SAT results be available for early decision?

It seems like the new SAT scores take longer to release than the old SAT. It took almost 6 weeks for the May 7th SAT! If it takes just as long for the October SAT then the scores won't come out until the middle of November. Will I still be able to apply to early decision, November 1st for many schools, with October SAT scores or will I need to use my June scores for early decision applications?

Plan on using your June SAT scores for early decision applications. While College Board may speed up the grading process for SATs as the new SAT is administered more times, there is no guarantee that this will be true (particularly since the June 4th SAT scores won't be available until July 21st, nearly 7 weeks after the test date).

The only exception is if a school you're applying to specifically states that it will accept October or November test scores for early decision applicants. For instance, MIT states that early decision applicants must take all tests on or before the November test dates, which means that October SAT test scores are acceptable.