Will this be considered a spike

Will the following be considered as a spike?

I am from India and I was selected in the IMOTC while being in grade 10. IMOTC is equivalent to MOP of USA. We had 70 students selected. I am a female. There were only 11 females selected. Moreover I have been qualifying for national olympiads since grade 8 itself. I have been topping my regional math olympiads since grade 5. I have a blog with 8k views.

Will this be considered a spike by say Stanford and other top universities?

It is very difficult to determine how a given set of schools will view a specific accomplishment. It does sound like you are exceptionally strong in math! In addition to IMOTC, you would probably also want to highlight your passion for and strength in math (that you indicate has been demonstrated throughout your high school career).

Thanks for replying. One more question is our state doesn’t offer APs. So instead of APs, if I do Stanford ULO, will that be fine? Like ofc I am anyways going to do Stanford ULO cause it’s so awesome. But I heard it does have some credit etc… Will that demonstrate that I have strength in math, both competitive and advance math? Will that be considered “oh yes, she going through rigour, etc.” Would you like to recommend some things which can highlight my passion? I think my blog does it, but some other ways too?

See my prior response to a question about Stanford ULO. It does sound like a great program. But, their courses seem to require Calculus AB and BC and Physics C EM. So long as your non-AP courses are equivalent, you would probably benefit from the Stanford ULO program. But, it would make sense to check that you are adequately prepared for the rigor of their curriculum.