Worth Retaking SAT Without Superscoring?

I found out about the SATs too late so I only got to take the old SAT once in January 2016. My guidance counselor is advising me to take the SATs again because she is worried that the score isn't good enough for the schools that I am aiming for (I got a 2230: 800W, 740M, 690R). Do you think it is worth it to retake? Even if I can't superscore between the old and new SAT? Will colleges end up seeing both my old SAT and new SAT scores if I do take the new one?

A 2230 is a great SAT score, but if you're applying to some of the most selective schools in the country, then it might be worth it to retake (particularly to improve your Reading score).

While it's unlikely that colleges will formally superscore between the old and new SAT, that doesn't mean that they won't look at your scores on both the old and new SAT and compare them. A direct comparison between the tests isn't possible because the tests cover different materials, but a 700+ Evidence Based Reading and Writing score on the new SAT will offset a 690 on the Critical Reading section of the old SAT.